Protecting and promoting the interests of

freeholders and leaseholders on the Bournville Village Trust Estate

I’ve recently moved in to a house on the Bournville Estate and have received a newsletter from you?

Please let us know so we can update our records.


Can I have my newsletter sent by email?

Yes! Please let us know your email and real world addresses, and ideally your membership number too (the latter found on one of the printed address labels stuck to the paper newsletters).


I asked for my newsletter to be sent by email,
but I’ve received a paper copy?

If this is soon after you’d asked for email newsletters, this maybe because your paper newsletter was already in our distribution process. Otherwise, please let us know your up-to-date email address as we revert to sending paper copies when email newsletters are returned, or when we’re unable to clearly read a handwritten email address.


I want to buy my freehold - how do I do this?

We have a leaflet for our leasehold members that explains the process - please contact us if you’d like a copy. See also the Bournville Village Trust website.


I own my house on the Bournville Estate, and am thinking about some alterations that would affect it’s external appearance.
I’ve heard I need permission from the Bournville Village Trust?

As a first step, have a look at the Trust’s Design Guide.


I’ve sent an email to BFLA, but it has been returned?

We are aware of some issues with emails being returned, and are trying to identify the problem. Please can you contact us by phone to let
us know.

I’m moving to another house on the Bournville Estate, does my membership transfer with me?

Yes. However, please let us know so we can update our records.


What is the annual subscription for the BFLA?

Currently there is no annual subscription, as expenses (except where the advice of counsel has been sought) have been covered by new members’ joining subscription.


I’m moving from the Bournville area, can I remain a member of BFLA?

Yes, please let us know! However we’re only able to post newsletters to a forwarding address for a limited time.


How much does it cost to join the BFLA?

Our current joining fee is £10 for full membership and £5 for associate membership. In the event of a requirement for further funds, e.g. a disputed approach to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, we would seek further donations from
the membership.


Where can I find out if I live in the Scheme Area?
Where is it defined?

The Scheme area was defined back in 1972. The BVT office can advise but it is also possible to see the map that defines the area at and click on the light green title "Scheme of Management Map". This will download a 6.5Meg pdf file which can be expanded using the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Members: Please let us know if your email address has changed.