Protecting and promoting the interests of

freeholders and leaseholders on the Bournville Village Trust Estate

We live in a renowned area known for its open and green surroundings which is subject to the management of the Bournville Village Trust (BVT). As a charity and housing association BVT place a high priority on its tenants but did you know that over half the 6600 properties on the Estate are owned by freeholders or leaseholders? A Management Charge is payable to BVT by Freeholders, and Leaseholders are liable for a Ground Rent for those properties within the Scheme.

As a non-political organisation Bournville Freeholders and Leaseholders Association (BFLA) seeks to represent such homeowners. Established in 1992 the elected committee is manned purely by volunteers who are concerned for the preservation and upkeep of the Estate and are willing to act as a channel in any consultations with BVT.


The area within the ‘Scheme of Management’ includes a large part of the Bournville Estate in South Birmingham, but there are some notable exceptions.

Whether freeholder or leaseholder, owners are obliged to seek the Trust’s  permission before initiating alterations affecting the exterior appearance of their properties. In general terms owners have a duty to maintain standards of visual appearance.


Although the origins of the Bournville Freeholders and Leaseholders Association lie in previous legal action related to the freeholders management charge, there is still a need for freeholders and leaseholders to present a collective view to the Trust, and to be informed: the Estate is not a static museum! The Trust has to manage change and the BFLA has an opportunity to influence the rate and direction of this.

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